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McDune Parody Contest 2011

Any fool should be able to slap together a short McDune parody in about a month, given that two fools slap together a full McDune novel almost every year in just about the same amount of time...


Following upon the popularity of the first Dune Fan Fiction Contest held in the middle of last year, Hairy Ticks of Dune in conjunction with Jacurutu is happy to announce the first ever McDune Parody Contest. As another unofficial, unauthorized and completely non-fan-organized event, this contest is dedicated to lampooning and mocking the novels and stories appearing under the names of Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert which continue to ass-rape the legacy of Frank Herbert as represented by his Dune books and stories.

As with the earlier contest, no prizes or financial awards of any kind will be offered in connection with this contest.

Supernova nebula pic from NASA. Used without permission


Submissions should be fictional stories of between 500 and 7,500 words in length (see addendum below), written in English, never posted online before, and must be set within the McDune Universe as established by Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert in the abominable excuses for novels they have put out over the last decade. Submissions should refer to characters or plot elements existing only in their officially sanctioned fan fiction. Non-parody treatments of McDune characters and themes will be unacceptable and will result in the immediate disqualification of a submission. Submissions which directly attack or mention by name the two individuals most responsible for the ongoing literary equivalent of defecating on a work of art will also be excluded from consideration.

ADDENDUM: Please note that submissions of a pictorial or graphical character will also be accepted for this contest.

Submission Method

Submissions should again be sent as an email message containing styled text (please limit this to italics, boldface or underlining) to fanficcon at No file attachments, please. Each submission will be acknowledged by return email upon receipt and reposted anonymously, using an identifying number, in its own thread in a special area on the Jacurutu forum and on The Hoary Tales of Dune blog on this website.

Multiple submissions by the same author are permitted.

Submission Deadline

Submissions must be sent no later than 24:00 UTC, Monday, 28 February 2011.


Approximately one week after the submissions deadline, a special poll thread (link) will be opened on to allow the membership there to select the story or stories they most enjoyed. The poll will be open for two weeks. Once closed, first-, second-, and third-place winners will be chosen simply on the basis of most votes received. (In the event of ties, the next submission down will be added until all three ranks are filled.)

REVISION: The poll thread (link) is now open but will only be available for about one week, until 24:00 UTC on Saturday, March 26, 2011.