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Achlan wasachlan!

Hairy Ticks of Dune is an unofficial and unauthorized website dedicated to honoring and exploring the legacy of Frank Herbert as represented by his Dune books and stories.

The new Dune books icons are crap, little better than the worst fan fiction. If you can agree to that statement, if in other words you are a fan of Dune who is “disgruntled” with the fonts current situation and looking for replica louboutin others of like mind, then search no further, for you are home.

Tabrik as-Sani (The Blessing of the Maker):

Baraka fi-s-Sani wa-Ma-hu.(Bless the Maker and His water.)
Baraka fi-Jiat-u wa-Dhahab-u.(Bless His coming and His going.)
Nazzafa Marr-u al-alam.(May His passage cleanse the world.)
Hafiza al-alam li-Ummat-u.(May He keep the world for His people.)

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Synopsis of Sisterhood of Dune

Upload of a chapter-by-chapter synopsis of the new McDune novel Sisterhood of Dune is now in progress, starting today!